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Custom creations for Little Darlings...

Darling Lil' Bee logoThe story of Darling Lil' Bee actually starts much earlier and with the previous launch of another doll clothing brand, Cupcake Cutie Pie.

My mother, Jackie, instilled in me at a very young age the love of dolls and their world of accessories and beautiful ensembles. She lovingly made the clothing that my dolls wore using quality material, snaps, buttons and zippers to ensure they would become our own family heirlooms in time.

When I was blessed with my own daughter in 1998, I too found the calling to create wardrobes for my little girl's dolls. Disappointed with the declining quality of mass produced doll clothing, I decided to start making them myself. Enter my first sewing machine, a gift from my mom. That sewing machine traveled with me all over the US and Germany inspiring classic and modern doll creations.

Fast forward 10 years later to 2008 and the creation of Cupcake Cutie Pie as a brand. Due to overwhelming requests and glowing compliments, my mom and I endeavored to start our own business making beautiful American Girl and Bitty Baby creations for others outside our family. We decided at that time that our creations should be unique to each customer and so the idea of one of a kind doll clothing was established.

Since then we have created new designs unique to our brand alone and receive custom requests on a regular basis for unique outfits or character look a likes. We believe that quality materials and fastening methods will ensure these items become family heirlooms for new families and their dolls. In 2014 we released our first two 18" doll patterns commissioned by Simplicity patterns numbered 1486 and 1220. 2015 saw three more pattern releases for Simplicity 8070, 8071 and 1089.

2014 also started my interest in Dianna Effner's hand painted Little Darlings dolls. I had seen these little lovelies on pinterest and finally discovered where they came from. I knew I had to have one for my own and once I received her in late 2014 the inspiration bug struck again. 2015 and 2016 have seen the expansion for Darling Lil' Bee. I work simultaneously on both clothing lines and find that one will inspire creativity in the other. As with all my creations, one of a kind ensembles are my trademark to ensure that everyone will always have a unique and custom wardrobe for their little doll.

As a collector and mother, I value the importance of dolls to all of our little girls and maintaining memories from our own childhood. As a business, I strive to create quality ensembles that stand the test of time to become your own treasures.

Darling Lil Bee


 KD_closeup KD_BlondeSummerWig KD_GingerBrownWig KD_Dirndl KD_Christmas2015

Make: Dianna Effner Little Darling 13"

Mold: Sculpt #1

Artist: Joyce Mathews

Eye Color: Blue

KD was brought to life by the skillful hand of Joyce Mathews in 2014.  She has beautiful and expressive blue eyes with an inquisitive and charming face.  She is currently one of two Little Darling models for Darling Lil' Bee and therefore has not settled on a specific color or style of wig.  As you can see she is adorable in any look. 



 Alixandra_FlamingoFun Alixandra_FreedomRing Alixandra_ScottieTerrier Alixandra_SpringMorning Alixandra_CherryFizz

Make: Dianna Effner Little Darling 13"

Mold: Sculpt #1

Artist: Joyce Mathews

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Alixandra joined us in late 2016.  Also expertly painted by Joyce Mathews. Alixandra has a warm glow to her skin with a lovely shade of blue/green eyes and a smattering of freckles.  She also likes to change up her look and hasn't settled on a hair color or style but I like her best as a redhead and a blonde. 



 Katia_JingleAllWay Katia_FieldOfFlowers Katia_PiggyBank Katia_CountryRoad Katia_SummerDelight

Make: My Meadow 13"

Mold: Addison

Artist: Charlene Smith

Eye Color: Blue

Katia is a My Meadow Addison doll beautifully hand painted by Charlene Smith.  She too has freckles and currently prefers wigs with bangs and longer, curly length.  She is the first BJD to join our troupe and is fitting in nicely with the other girls. 



Jilly_SweetGardenia Jilly_SongBirds Jilly_SpiderWebs Jilly_SweetLove Jilly_HollyBough

Make: Liz Frost Mia 13"

Mold: Mia - light tan

Artist: Liz Frost

Eye Color: Teal Green

The highly anticipated Jilly came to us in July 2017. She is the 13" model by Liz Frost. Jilly has the sweetest innocent expression about her.  She is a bit on the mischievous side and darling as can be. By popular vote she has light teal green eyes and a short curly blonde wig.  She's just a smidge smaller than the other girls but she's awfully cute in all the outfits she tries on.



Aeryn_CountyClare Aeryn_Snow Aeryn_SnowflakesMidnight Aeryn_SpringWildflower

Make: Liz Frost Mia 13"

Mold: Mia - fair

Artist: Liz Frost

Eye Color: Powder Blue

Looking to add another delightful Liz Frost Mia doll I was able to acquire Aeryn. She is the 13" model by Liz Frost. Aeryn is a very shy but inquisitive girl with red curly hair that works well with her porcelain white complexion.  Her limbs are a bit loose so she'll be headed for a restringing sometime in 2018 and for now is happy to model occasionally.



Merilee_LovelyFoxes  Merilee_ChristmasTree Merilee_ChristmasTrinkets Merilee_Noel Merilee_SilverSnowflake

Make: Dianna Effner Little Darling 13"

Mold: Sculpt #2

Artist: Helen Montgomery Skinner

Eye Color: Green

Merilee is my first #2 sculpt for Little Darling dolls.  She has lovely green eyes and dainty features painted by Helen Montgomery Skinner.  She's outspoken and assertive and definitely a leader in the pack.  She's still in the process of finding just the right look but tends to favor darker hair colors. 



 Noelle_ILoveMusic Noelle_ILoveYou Noelle_PrettyPoinsettias Noelle_SeasonsGreetings Noelle_VintageHolly

Make: Dianna Effner Little Darling 13"

Mold: Sculpt #1 - Medium Tone

Artist: Helen Montgomery Skinner

Eye Color: Teal

I can't express how excited we were for Noelle to join us.  She is our only medium tone girl in the whole Darling Lil' Bee lineup.  Her bright teal eyes and collection of freckles really make her unique in the medium tone Little Darling dolls.  She's a real beauty who looks great in brunette and caramel wig tones.